Who are you?.

My name is Toegrinder. I am a contributor to Mage theorycrafting and a guide writer. I am the Guild Master and Raider in Myst on Tarren Mill EU.

Why the hell should I listen to you?

I've been writing guides for 4 years now. I've been Mythic raiding for a long time and raiding at a Hall of Fame level since that achievement came out. I've achieved the rank 1 Mythic+ title in multiple seasons. While everyone loves to hate on theorcrafters and guide writers for being simc nerds who can't actually play the game, I like to think I know what I'm doing and have the CV to back it up.

My goal is to create the best mage content without being constrained by shitty templates that need to work for 38 specs, without having to write shitty clickbait articles every now and again, and without having to plaster the entire site in invasive ads. I try my best to teach one how to fish rather than giving them a fish.

I would not be able to do the work I do without the help of the people who put endless work into simc for no gain. Massive shoutouts to Dorovon, Sergrand, and Norrinir especially. They are the real MVPs of all this shite.

I do not do any of my work with monetisation in mind. It's a hobby and passion project, that said if you want to support me my socials and donation link can be found below. Bare in mind that I do not do anything gaming related as my job, my job pays me fine, and server costs to maintain this website are minimal. That said it does take a lot of effort to build and maintain, so if you want to support the site I appreciate you.